Catholic college aims to create lifelong learners

INQUIRING MINDS: Bede Polding College students are taught to be creative, critical thinkers.

Over the last 34 years Bede Polding College has strived to build a dynamic, harmonious Catholic community focused on individual learning and built on the foundations laid by its patron, Australia's first Bishop John Bede Polding.

Principal Mark Compton said this foundation of compassion, faith, integrity and missionary zeal underpins the College motto "Called to Bring Peace".

"As a College, it is our goal to develop empowered, engaged learners who are creative, curious, collaborative, critical thinkers," Mr Compton said.

"Our graduates are lifelong learners, with skills that are transferable to employment, community service, and further study. They aim to make a difference in the world with the gifts and talents they have been given."

Mr Compton said the College was "actively creating 21st-century learning environments that bring out the very best in every individual".

"We love working with students and their families, in partnership, to personalise learning, provide meaningful feedback and to celebrate progress. We value a safe, supportive, inclusive school community, and we work diligently to foster this. We understand that students are more likely to achieve their potential when their overall wellbeing is nurtured.

"Our highly professional team of staff are committed to seeing our students flourish in all areas - academically, in the sporting arena, cultural and creative areas, and also in their own spiritual journey.

"They are tireless in their pursuit of providing the best educational opportunities in the Hawkesbury."

Mr Compton said student learning was well supported by the College's excellent facilities.

"With a backdrop of beautiful gardens, our air-conditioned, comfortable learning spaces cater for flexible learning," he said.

"Our students have access to a wide variety of technological tools that enhance their learning and ensure student engagement.

"The college library is a state-of-the-art learning facility and a place of inquiry and reading.

"It provides access to a range of resources to help our students on their way to purposeful learning."

The College's spacious grounds offer outdoor learning spaces, playing fields and sporting facilities, including a new gym. Elective studies are supported by specialised facilities such as commercial kitchens, multiple workshops and agricultural facilities.

Students pursuing the arts make use of the music studio spaces, dedicated drama space and Good Samaritan Hall, with its stage often used as a performance space.