Vision & Mission

Mission statement

We are ‘Called to Bring Peace’.

Bede Polding College strives to be a dynamic, harmonious Catholic community which:

  • values and encourages each member to strive for personal excellence
  • encourages individuals to believe in their self-worth
  • equips each member with the skills and passion to make a difference in the community.

John Bede Polding

We believe

  • John Bede Polding was a person of faith and compassion, and we actively seek ways to follow his example.


We value

  • an atmosphere of peace and harmony
  • the Bede Polding community of students, staff and parents.


We celebrate

  • the richness and uniqueness of all individuals in our community.

Gospel values

We are dedicated to

  • proclaiming and witnessing Gospel values
  • providing quality Catholic education
  • creating a positive learning environment
  • nurturing the development of each individual
  • forming Christian leaders.

The School Crest

Bede Polding Crest

The school crest is dominated by the cross, the symbol of love and sacrifice. The cross is the sign of our salvation and it reminds us that ‘no greater love hath man than this, to lay down his life for his friend’.

A Christian is called to be of service to others and on the crest this is represented by the outstretched, helping hands. A truly Christian life is one that brings peace to all whom it touches, and on the crest this is represented by the international sign of peace, the dove.

To be a true Christian is to be a peace bringer to others, hence the school motto, ‘Called to Bring Peace’.