Educating for the future

The learning journey at Bede Polding honours the developmental stages in a student’s life. Based on leading educational research and the best of today’s technologies, we prepare students for the future by teaching them how to think critically and creatively, how to communicate effectively and how to lead and work both independently and collaboratively.

Educating for the future

Educating for the future
At Bede Polding College every student is known and challenged to be and do their personal best.

Responding to the latest educational research and evidence, the college has made a significant investment in the development of staff in pedagogical approaches such as inquiry-based learning and project-based learning. This is supported through flexible learning spaces to support different learning styles and experiences.

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We offer innovative and research-based intervention programs to support student learning in both literacy and numeracy.

Our Learning Framework fosters connections between the college and real world contexts with a focus on promoting experienced, engaged and empowered learners firmly founded in our Gospel values.

Helping every learner to succeed

We support individual student learning growth by:

  1. fostering 21st century skills of collaboration and critical thinking
  2. engaging learners in a blended learning environment
  3. offering a curriculum rich in real world experience
  4. empowering learners to seek and apply feedback
  5. engaging in individual goal setting and reflective practice.

Helping every learner to succeed

Helping every learner to succeed

Religious Education

As a Catholic school we also have a strong religious dimension that runs through all the KLAs and is also formally recognised as the KLA of Religious Education.

Bede Polding students take part in formal Religious Education every day, based on the new Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta curriculum that is relevant to our students and to the world they live in.

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Religious Education

Religious Education

Bede Polding follows the curriculum approved by the Education Standards Authority (NESA) covering all key learning areas. We also have a range of elective courses to suit students at all ability levels.

Years 7-8


Students in Years 7-8 are required to complete courses in the following Key Learning Areas (KLAs):

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Human Society and Its Environment (Geography, History)
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
  • Creative Arts (Music, Visual Arts)
  • Technology and Applied Studies (Animals and Plants, Food and Media, Model Making, Robotics, Mixed Materials, Textiles and Graphics)
  • Languages Other Than English (French and Japanese).

Years 9-10


Students in Years 9-10 are required to complete courses in the following Key Learning Areas (KLAs):

  • Religious Education

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Human Society and Its Environment (Australian Geography, Australian History)

  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

  • Two electives chosen from:
    Commerce, Geography, History, Physical Activity and Sports Studies, Drama, Music, Photography and Digital Media, Visual Arts, Agriculture, Food Technology, Graphics Technology, Industrial Technology Metal, Industrial Technology Multimedia, Industrial Technology Timber, Textile Technology, French, Japanese.

Years 11-12


For students in Years 11-12 the following courses are offered:

  • Religion Studies (1 unit) or Studies of Religion (1 unit)

  • English Advanced (2 unit) or English Standard (2 unit)

  • Board Developed 2 unit courses:
    • General Mathematic, Mathematics
    • Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics, Senior Science
    • Ancient History, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, Legal Studies, Modern History
    • Community and Family Studies, PDHPE
    • Drama, Music, Visual Arts
    • Agriculture, Design and Technology, Food Technology, Industrial Technology, Information Processes & Technology, Textile and Design
    • French Beginners, French Continuers and Japanese Beginners

  • Board Developed 1 unit courses:
    • English Extension 1, English Extension 2, English Fundamentals
    • Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2

  • Vocational Education and Training (VET):
    • Business Services, Construction, Hospitality

  • Board Endorsed Courses:

    • Exploring Early Childhood (1 unit)
    • Photography, Video and Digital Media (1 unit)
    • Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation (1 unit)

Subject selections

There are many myths when it comes to subject selections so it is important that students choose subjects in which they have a genuine interest, ones that they feel they are good at, that fit with their learning styles, that prepare them for future study and work, and that align with career interests and keep career options open.

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Subject selections

Subject selections
School of Now

The innovative Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta School of Now program offers a unique learning experience for Year 11 and 12 students in a contemporary hybrid setting. This modern-day approach provides senior students with access to a greater range of extension courses and specialised electives that may not be offered at our school, helping them to achieve their personal career and study goals. The blended learning format using both virtual and face-to-face teaching methods optimises students’ learning experience with support from expert HSC teachers with specialist knowledge.

Vocational Education (VET)

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta is a leading provider of Vocational Education and Training (VET) opportunities. Our school offers this pathway to students to develop their hands-on skills, industry knowledge and real-world experience by learning from professionals in the field. VET allows students to pursue their own interests and passions, providing them with the tools to take charge of their learning and their future. Theoretical knowledge is translated to practical ability in VET, building a sense of identity and purpose through relevant, engaging education.

Our curriculum is engaging and relevant

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