The house system is utilised in a number of ways across the College to promote and strengthen a sense of belonging.

Each student upon enrolling at Bede Polding College will be allocated to one of the four Houses, and to a GEM group within that House, where they will be mentored and taken through our Wellbeing program.

Each House is named after a Darug word and has a House Patron Saint.

Two House Captains are appointed by the office of the Principal, following an application and voting process by staff and senior students. They are part of a broader leadership team known as the Student Executive, which leads and serves in the school community in a variety of ways.

The House system encourages students to participate to the best of their ability in a range of school activities, such as College Carnivals, co-curricular activities and school sport. Houses are awarded points for academic, sporting and community achievement. Points are also awarded to each attendee at sports carnivals, with with top performers awarded extra points.


Bembul (Red)

House Captains:
Madalyn Camilleri and Spencer Williams

Bembul means ‘earth’ which is reflected in their House colour Red. This is symbolic of the earth that we walk on in the Hawkesbury. The House Patron Saint is St. Mary Mackillop, who is Australia’s first saint, and established the Sisters of St Joseph. They were instrumental in the establishment of the first Catholic schools in Australia.


Deerubbin (Blue)

House Captains:
Carly Walker and Patrick Horne

Deerubbin means ‘wide, deep water’, which is reflected in their House colour Blue. This is symbolic of the Hawkesbury river. The House Patron Saint is St Teresa of Calcutta. Also known as Mother Teresa, she was the founder of the Missionaries of Charity and devoted her life to serving the poor.


Guwing (Gold)

House Captains:
Ash Vanderburg and Jacob Robinson

Guwing means ‘sun’ which is reflected by their House colour Gold. This is symbolic of us as a College standing under the light of Christ. The House Patron Saint is St. Benedict, who founded the Benedictine Rule and greatly influenced the Catholic Church. John Bede Polding was Benedictine priest.


Yarang (Green)

House Captains:
Ella-Jae Buhagiar and Brady Jones

Yarang means ‘valley’ which is reflected in their House colour Green. This is symbolic of the Hawkesbury Valley. The House Patron Saint is St. Patrick. Catholics from Ireland helped to establish the Catholic Church in Australia. Their Patron Saint is St. Patrick and this devotion to him was passed on to many Australian Catholics, who celebrate St Patrick’s Day each year.

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