Bede Polding College is a diverse community proud of the quality education we deliver to the students in our care.

Our dedicated and professional staff provides our students with an excellent 21st century learning environment, and we focus on developing a strong partnership between our College, families and parish.

If you have further questions about the curriculum or other programs on offer at Bede Polding College, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Learning Statement

Discover Catholic education! Learn about the amazing opportunities our schools create for students in their journey from preschool past Year 12.


Curriculum Offerings

At Bede Polding Catholic College we strive for excellence in learning and teaching. Learn what subjects are on offer.


Subject Selection

Our College strives to be a dynamic, harmonious Catholic community which values and encourages each member to strive for personal excellence; nurtures individuals as they grow to believe in their self worth, and works to equip each member with the skills and passion to make a difference in the community.


Extracurricular Activities

An overview of Extracurricular Activities at Bede Polding Catholic College South Windsor.


Religious Education

At Bede Polding College, Religious Education is concerned with the development of the whole person within a Catholic faith community and culture.


Student Learning Device Portal

Students are required to bring a learning device to Bede Polding College as part of their education.



The Bede Polding Catholic College library is well equipped to support teaching and learning in the 21st century.



Sport, as an aspect of the school curriculum, is an integral part of an individual’s development, requiring physical involvement in organised games or activities within an accepted set of rules.


Assessments Policies and Procedures

This page contains links to the Year 7 to 12 Assessment Handbooks. These documents provide parents/carers, current students and prospective families with important information regarding Assessment Policies and Procedures at Bede Polding College as well as ongoing assessment dates.