Canvas Parent Portal

Bede Polding College is pleased to provide parents and caregivers access to our Learning Management System - Canvas Parent Portal

The Bede Polding Canvas Parent Portal allows parents/caregivers to pair with their child's account as an observer where they can see their child’s classwork, teacher communication and assessment information.

The College uses Canvas to increase consistency between classes within the same course, increase student and parent engagement, and increase functionality for modern teaching practice.

The College transitioned to Canvas in 2021 and staff are still developing courses and undergoing significant professional learning. This will mean that different courses will be at different stages of development, and we ask that parents are patient and understanding in their expectations as we continue the transition.

For the best user experience, parents are advised to access the Canvas Parent Portal using a desktop computer or laptop via

Parents are encouraged to view the BPC Canvas Parent Guide to assist with navigating the platform, using the mobile app and adjusting notification settings.





The College encourages all parents to activate the Canvas Parent Portal


How to get started


Complete the Registration Form

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Activate Your Account

Confirmation email with further instructions can take up to 5 business days


Download Parent Canvas App

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View the BPC Canvas Parent Guide

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Note: The registration form can only be completed by parents/carers who currently have students enrolled at the College and are listed as an approved student guardian.

Once your Canvas Parent account has been created you will receive an email with further instructions on how to create a password and log in. Please note that the login email address will be the one that is listed on Compass.



Canvas Portal Guide

Download our comprehensive guide on how to use the Canvas Portal

If you have any questions or need further support please contact the College on 02 4560 2900 or send us an email