Student Learning Device Portal

Students are required to bring a learning device to Bede Polding College as part of their education.

The approved devices and operating systems are as follows:

Preferred Device

Apple Laptop
OS 10.15 or above


Approved Device

Google Chromebook
Latest Chrome OS 4GB
Must be purchased through our preferred suppliers as they require a Google Management Console Licence.

Existing Windows Laptop (Windows 10) - Approved only for students who started at the College before 2021.

Existing Apple iPads (excluding iPad Mini - OS 10.0 or above) - Students that started at the College before 2019 can continue to use existing iPads but new iPads should not be purchased as a learning device.

Device requirements and preferred suppliers


Information for Parents

Learning devices provide a number of tools that can be used to support students’ learning. This policy is designed to give teachers and students the opportunity to make the best possible use of learning devices to facilitate learning.

It is an expectation that ALL students bring their own approved learning device and headphones to school each day

Approved Devices & Operating Systems

  • Apple Laptop - OS 10.15 or above
  • Chromebooks - latest Chrome OS 4GB (requires Google Management Console Licence)
  • Windows Laptop - Windows 10. Approved only for students who started at the College before 2021
  • Apple iPad (excluding iPad Mini - OS 12.0 or above) - Approved only for students that started at the College before 2019.

Other Considerations

  • A tough, sturdy cover/case in the event the device is dropped
  • Light enough for your child to carry each day
  • Insurance in the event the device is broken or lost
  • Extra warranty to reduce future possible repair costs

The College does not accept responsibility for the loss, damage, theft, or misuse of any learning device.

Connection to the College Wireless Network

Connection to the College wireless network (CEDP ICT network) requires enrolment of student devices using our management software to enable identification of devices using the network. For such management and student safety specific information (user identification, device specifications and application data) is kept on devices using our College wireless network. While rare, the College and Catholic Education Office reserves the right to temporarily or permanently restrict or prevent any mobile devices connecting to the CEDP ICT network.


Students using their own learning device or College devices shall:

  • Only use their learning device if directed to do so by the supervising teacher
  • Not to view or share inappropriate material on the college network or on any device used at the College
  • Not download, store or play any games on the college network, unless directly related to class work
  • Only obtain and/or share appropriate educational related images or videos of others with their permission
  • Work only on appropriate tasks related to learning
  • Correctly connect to the learning devices to the College network
  • Ensure learning devices are charged before class
  • Only log in with their assigned username and password
  • Keep username and password private
  • Treat all College equipment with respect and report any problems or damage
  • Not change the settings on any College device or tamper with the equipment in anyway
  • Correctly log off from College devices when finished
  • Not eat or drink when using devices
  • Save all work files to their own Google Drive
  • Use headphones when working with audio files, only if directed by a teacher
  • Abide by all conditions outlined in the CEDP Guideline ‘Responsible Use of ICT and Social Media for Students’.


Students exhibiting behaviours outside those specified in the student expectations will:

  • Be cautioned, learning device activity monitored and asked to conform to the expected behaviours
  • Have device activity recorded and restricted
  • Have device activity recorded and access denied
  • Be referred to the administration for serious breaches of these expectations. The consequences could include detention, suspension and in very serious cases the loss of any right to attend Bede Polding College.